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Working With a Consultant

Thinking about hiring a sales and business development consultant? M2SC shares the benefits and things to keep in mind before signing a contract.

Most of M2SC’s clients are small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries who have one thing in common: they need help with sales planning or sales execution. We describe ourselves as the “voice of sales” in your organization and focus on elevating your customers’ needs throughout the sales planning process.

There’s a number of reasons a business might choose to engage M2SC…

  • No or limited senior level sales representation in existing organizational structure

  • Experiencing roadblocks or feeling “stuck” with achieving revenue targets or unsure what to do next

  • Lack of direction with current sales plan and strategy

  • Interest in entering new markets or launching new products or services

What can M2SC do for you?

  • Help provide direction to your organization’s sales function

  • Work with an existing sales team to alleviate roadblocks and provide a fresh perspective

  • Share sales and business development resources and best practices

  • Support sales team recruitment process

  • Help you achieve your goals and generate more revenue!

Common Pitfalls:

A Consultant can’t fix all your organization’s challenges. Often, organizations who engage M2SC think that we are a one-size-fits-all, jack-or-jill-of-all-trades and can do everything from cold calling through website development to HR, organizational strategic planning and digital marketing. Sorry, but that’s not what we do!

Our expertise is in sales and business development. We’ll serve you best and provide the most value in those areas… and we’ll be really crystal clear about what we can do as well as what we cannot do throughout our time together.

Things to keep in mind…

  • We’re not employees in your business and will not act as such

  • Be prepared to receive high value feedback, we may need to push you outside your comfort zone

  • Communication is key. We are here for you every step of the way.

Commitments we make to you:

We’re always on time, prepared with an agenda and stick to the allotted time for each meeting. We work with a proven methodology, but have a growth mindset and love to learn. Our methodology gets better every day and with every organization we work with because we learn more about people, industries, cultures and innovation.

If this resonates with you, book a short consultation to learn more here.

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