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Client Profiles

Learn about the companies who trust M2SC

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Educational Services

Relationship: B2B

Stage: Pivoting

Service: Virtual CRO

This company has been ongoing a business transformation for over a year, pivoting from one business model to another. We created a full sales plan and strategy and assisted in launching 4 core services into a new market in 2022. The company is on track to exceed revenue targets in 2022. 

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Relationship: B2B

Stage: Early stage

Service: Virtual CRO

As a start-up with a lean team, this company was experiencing difficulty with bringing their products to market. In 4 short months, we created a comprehensive sales plan and strategy and successfully launched  5 products in Canada and Europe. 

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Relationship: B2C

Stage: Operational

Service: Sales Execution

A leaders in their industry, this organization lost a tenured sales professional from their lean team. M2SC was able to match them up with an experienced sales professional who closed over $100,000 in new business within one year. 

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Information / Book Publishing

Relationship: B2B & B2C

Stage: Early Stage

Service: Virtual CRO and Sales Execution

This client approached us for consultation on how to transition from a small, local business to a larger, regional business. We created a full sales plan and strategy and launched 3 new products in Canada and the USA. From there, we matched them up with an experienced sales professional who was able to close over $50,000 in new business in less than 6 months. 

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Hear what our clients have to say

“I have appreciated how you have approached, supported, and cajoled a rather reluctant group of people into dipping their toes into the world of business!”

“Marta was extremely professional and passionate about her work. It was an absolute pleasure working with her.”

“… the positive approach and encouragement and the fact that M Squared is able to simplify and make it all accessible for someone who doesn't have training in business. Having the reports and documents as resources is wonderful!”

Clients: Testimonials
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